CEC training
Exercise Professionals

Time Out Tai Chi Welcoming Jing developed to introduce calmness through exercise.

Gain skills to help your client find mental wellbeing through this easy to follow program.

Enhance their range of movement, help them recognise good posture and breathing habits and find focus through mind and body awareness. 
  • Instructor faces clients when delivering program
  • Same amount of space per client as existing fitness class
  • Can be integrated into your own program or stand-alone 
  • Great for workplace fitness groups and presentations
  • Gain 'play it safe skills' to teach your clients how to avoid injury
  • Enhance your knowledge of the use of exercise for the reduction of stress, anxiety and mood disturbances.
  • Also available is Welcoming Jing for Children/Adolescents Program
Leanne Simpson
PHONE: 0428181824
EMAIL: balanceminder@gmail.com

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