Wellness Seminars & Retreats - Exercise classes in the workplace 

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A healthy workplace is an essential business investment.
Healthy employees are more productive, take fewer sick days and have stronger loyalty to name just a few of the benefits.
Help your employees be healthier and happier – start developing a workplace wellness program today…


Find Balance in life through discovering Exercise is FUN and can provide RELAXATION.  Balance Minder takes a holistic approach to finding 'time out' for exercise. Successful engagement in an exercise program can happen when we find balance in our life and break down the barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

Balance Minder Programs delivered to suit you.

Business/Corporate Packages available 
Encourage your workplace to embrace a Wellness program. 
Balance Minder can assist with the establishment of your workplace wellness plan.
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Sample outline

Session 1 - Saturday 4pm to 5.30pm
Wellness, WIIFM?
Commit to putting wellness on your daily “to do” list, become a Balance Minder. Discover the indicators of wellness and how important they are for our health. Work out a way to add wellness skills to our already busy lives. Experience an ancient form of exercise through Time Out Tai Chi. (hands on session with lots of movement)

Session 2 – Sunday 6.30am to 7.30am
Rise and Shine
Tea and breakfast biscuit chat. Participants are encouraged to join in at any time. This will be a question and answer session to help consolidate yesterday’s experiences and also discuss the importance of starting your day well by eating, exercise and smiling.
All participants to receive a cup of tea and a breakfast biscuit (these are made by my daughter through her business- Homemade by Jamiesen) (a quiet and relaxed session)

Session 3 – Sunday 7.30am to 8am
Time Out Tai Chi follow along session
This session will lead into breakfast. Participants are encouraged to come and follow along as we start the day well.

All participants to receive
The book- Time Out Tai Chi Welcoming Jing
Commitment Statement
Fun and laughter
Time Out Tai Chi skills encouraging breathing, good posture and flexibility
The Organsiation to recieve
DVD of the introduction to Time Out Tai Chi Welcoming Jing form