Balance Fitness, Food and Funds

Designed for your group and organisation. Simply choose one component from each section to make up a BFFF session.

Balance Minder will provide all the resources to make the sessions educational, interesting and fun.

Through the ancient ages to our modern day  millions of  people in the world practice Tai Chi. Time Out Tai Chi blends the ancient art of tai chi with the concept of positive time out equals resilience.  It is an introduction to the basic principles of slow, gentle movements, thinking about your breath, concentrating and relaxing the body. Everyone can take time out to breathe. It is a nationally approved Fitness Aust. CEC training program.

This class is designed to help find better balance, based on successful falls prevention programs it introduces participants to balance and brain training exercises through conventional and tai chi movements.  The class size is limited to ensure a fun, safe and encouraging environment.

This is  an easy, enjoyable and safe for people with arthritis to learn. Medical studies have shown the program to relieve pain for people with arthritis and improve their quality of lives, as well as preventing falls for the older adults.  For this reason, arthritis foundations around the world and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America are giving it their full support.. The program is proven to be effective to prevent falls, that is why health departments around the world have utilized it for this purpose. 

Experience the wonder of tai chi in the water.  Feel the resistance as you move through the water with mindfullness and calmness.

Designed to encourage fitness through swimming, can also be used to gain better water safety skills with an accredited Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety.

$8 billion of food wasted a year in Australia and only 5.3% of young people eat the daily recommend 5 serves of vegetable per day.
Learning how to buy smart and cook healthy meals, while limiting our waste.

Explore the foods of our favourite takeaway meals and learn how much they are costing us and  how to prepare at home.  The focus will be on increasing our vegetable intake while doing so with familiar tastes. Chinese. Mexican, Italian, Golden Arches or Keep Food Creative (one theme per class)

Get together and prepare healthy, budget friendly foods to get this party going.  Food can bring people together and it can be simple.  In this session we look at ways to feed the troops and keep costs down.

How much is our food budget used on these tempting treats that call out to us from shining glass cabinets?  How about taking control of what we are eating? Learn to cook some yummy replacement treats to save the budget.

Discover how much we are really paying for our foods.  Learn some easy reckoning skills to help keep our budget in line.

What is going into our shopping trolley? Discover how to add more healthy food to your grocery buy.

Calculate the cost per serve and use this information to get better buying power for your dollar.

Use the skills gained in the earlier sessions to build at food budget.

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